Pre-Flight Checklist

Boarding starts at 4:30 PM PST October 30, 2021

The flight is scheduled to take 3 hours* – with a short 10 minute break in the middle.

Yes, this is virtual – and Zoom is the platform we are using. 

To get the best experience, your flight crew recommends the following:

  • Use a laptop or desktop system. We want you to be able to squeeze every last bit of playful fun from your experience which is only available via a laptop or desktop computer. Windows, Mac or Linux all have Zoom clients you can download here.

Any recent vintage machine is most likely powerful enough to play nice. Recent, like 5 years old or newer.

do not attempt to join the flight through the Zoom Web interface.

DO NOT use a tablet or phone – they can connect but will not be able to generate the full experience. Chromebooks are not advised, either.

  • Install the latest version of Zoom. The current version as of this writing* is 5.8 and can be downloaded here.

Being able to send audio and video is essential for some of the activities that will take place – the full experience will not be possible without full participation. Zoom provides a test meeting to verify your installation here.

To be able to use the game’s backdrops and video features, a reasonably powerful system is required. Instructions how to use these Virtual Backgrounds are provided here, and your Zoom client application software will inform you if your system is not capable of these feats when you attempt to use them. Zoom provides details of the system requirements here. NOTE: Virtual Backgrounds are not essential to your playing or participating in the experience.

  • Optional pre-flight test:  on Oct 29 at 6pm PT there will be a pre-flight test for you to connect to confirm everything is working, and to provide technical support to troubleshoot any issues. Pre-Flight test link.
  • Cocktails anyone? There is also a highly trained mixologist on-board to demonstrate some rare and elusive exquisite cocktails specially reanimated for this flight! Ingredient lists will be communicated prior to the event.


Cursor over the Submenu to the right. Find your Ticket Class in the dropdown, click on it and download the screens we will play with today.

Departure Time

FInal Boarding call

* While Conundrum Air has a stellar on-time record, we cannot account for airport delays, weather or other emergencies beyond our control. We strive to keep you informed of any changes in schedule or itinerary as we become aware of them.