A flight of fantasy rewriting the only unsolved sky-jacking in history!

What if the DB Cooper never left the plane? What if the ransom money never left the plane? What if there were accomplices who aided and abetted him? What if something else was going on entirely and the sky-jacking a coverup for that? What if it was just an elaborate prank gone too far? 

What if YOU’d been onboard?

You’ve been invited to participate in a Gala event ins Seattle. It is the inaugural fundraising event for the SVLC so refusal was not an option! The flight itself is also going to be an special affair, with extra staff to make sure you are well taken care of, and arrive in the best of spirits¬† to ensure the gala meets the fundraising goals.

Well, that’s no the whole story – the flight is the fundraising gala. The proceeds of the flight are the funds that are being raised. Starting with the tickets to get on the virtual flight itself.

During the flight there are opportunities to participate in additional events on board for which there is a cover charge. and there are perks during the flight – for instance, you can elect to visit the flight deck and speak with the captain personally.

There are even the usual AirMall catalogue shopping experience where you can purchase luxury and essential items all tastefully decorated and augmented with the SVLC emblems. These will be shipped to you at your destination address, or you home address, whatever is convenient for you.

EXTRA SPECIAL – the inboard mixologist will teach and train you to make the special SVLC cocktail designed for this flight only. This unique drink will not be found in any recipe books, nor can be ordered at any bar – except the bar on Flight SVLC! And, if you opt for this training perk, your bar!

In an abundance of caution, Conundrum Air is also placing an undercover air marshal on this flight to ensure the safety of the passengers – with all these luminaries, important donors, and supporters of the cause – all this philanthropic goodwill and generous gifting, best make sure no untoward mishaps occur – better safe than sorry.

Everyone onboard is guaranteed a good time, and a safe flight!