Tourist Class ~ Aft section

Please select the seat you can tolerate – the nature of the motion varies slightly in different rows and seats, but it all amounts to the same rollicking ride! Be happy you don’t have to fly steerage – those poor souls behind you…



For our adventurous travelers – the aft section may experience exaggerated motion and lateral displacement, much like the last cars on a thrill ride. We recommend seatbelts are worn in this section at all times. Yes, on this modern jet every seat now has lap belts for the comfort of our travelers, and we gently urge you to fully utilize this bonus convenience of our forward thinking and always caring Conundrum Air!

Additional information

Seat Row

Row 23, Row 24, Row 25, Row 26, Row 27

Seat Choice

Window A, Center B, Isle C, Isle D, Center E, Window F

Departure Time

FInal Boarding call