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The Cooper Caper is an Immersive High Flying Escape Game FUNdraiser.

Imagine boarding a flight – just an ordinary plane on an ordinary inter-city hop between Portland and Seattle – almost like a bus ride. Except – on this flight there are a number of exceptional circumstances – a female Flight Captain, and a Female Pilot – one of the first in the industry, and the first for this airline, plane type and route! This is well advertised, and a number of luminaries are on hand to participate in this auspicious event. There has been some grumbling about the end of the old order and the end of proper and correct ways things are meant to be, but the times, they are a changing…

In a fit of philanthropic furor, the operator of this flight – Conundrum Air, has agreed to donate a portion of the fares on this flight to the Sexual Violence Law Center in Seattle, the destination and termination for this flight.

“The SVLC has had a long tradition of righting the miscarriages of justice and injustices inherent in the legal system and operating this flight with an all-female crew in a bastion of male domination is a milestone in the industry, and a victory for equality and justice. It is appropriate the we donate a portion of the fares on this flight to this stelar and upstanding organization reflecting the core values of Conundrum Air. ” (Press release Sept 3, 1971, Conundrum Air)

Interestingly, at the press conference where this event was announced, a member of the press was speculating about possible opposition and even disruptions to this flight, and if there were going to be any special precautions taken to ensure a smooth and successful conclusion of this controversial flight? The spokesperson said that the FAA had been advised and a request had been made for ‘extra security personnel’ but the response was ‘we will neither confirm nor deny that we are taking any special notice of flight SVLC 2021 nor that we are dispatching Air Marshals to ensure the safety of the passengers’.